Just a gem wrapper around the command line to make it easier to consume from Rake.

NOTE This is currently not being pushed.. Please get in touch if you are using this

If you want a Ruby gem version installed on your machine then you can use Bundler or Gem to install the gitversion gem.

gem install gitversion

The gem comes with a module to include in your Rakefile:

require 'git_version'

include GitVersion

puts git_version.sha

Internally, this will call the GitVersion.exe that is bundled with the Ruby gem, parse its JSON output and make all the JSON keys available through Ruby methods. You can either use Pascal case (git_version.InformationalVersion) or Ruby-style snake case (git_version.informational_version) to access the JSON properties.

gitversion internally caches the JSON output, so GitVersion.exe is only called once.

Any arguments passed to git_version will be passed to GitVersion.exe:

require 'git_version'

include GitVersion

puts git_version('C:/read/info/from/another/repository').sha

Note: Mono is not currently supported due to downstream dependencies on libgit2. The Gem can only be used with the .NET framework